ISS / Corporate film

Studio Alavi ISS logo

Based on number of employees, ISS is one of the largest private employers in the world with more than 520,000 employees in over 50 countries. Focus in the corporate film, designed by the Studio Alavi. The film won the 'best film' awards in the categories 'Corporate Image' and 'Public Relations' at the American '32nd Annual Telly Awards' and was up against a total of 13,000 selected productions from leading global production companies.//read more//

Tryg / Delivering peace of mind

Studio Alavi Tryg logo

Tryg / Alavi created custom Corporate signage for Nordic super-brands in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. //Read More//

Brand Identity for DR / Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Studio Alavi DR Logo

The work included all levels of communication from corporate logo to major product brand identities and signage.//read more//

Corporate film for The Blue Denmark

Studio Alavi The Blue Denmark

Graphic and motion graphic design for the corporate film "The Blue Denmark" made for The Danish Shipowners' Assosiation, Danish Maritime, Maritime Development Center of Europe and Danish Maritime Authority. The film received two prestigious American awards: "The Golden Camera" at the U.S. International Film & Video Festival, and a "Telly Award".//read more//

Brand Identity for TV Festival / TV Price

Studio Alavi TV Festival

Tv festival approached Alavi to re-design their visual identity. This was a second generation solution (..the first also designed by Masoud Alavi), created to maintain a destinct and modern feel to an organization which represents the Danish media industry.//read more//

The young Parliament / The Danish Parliament

Studio Alavi Folketinget logo

The Danish Parliament (Folketinget) conducted an experiement of creating a downscaled version of the "real" adult parliament; giving young citizens of Denmark the opportunity to become politicians for one day. Alavi produced their logo and a graphic package reflecting a youthful attitude with a reference to Folketinget.//read more//

Sign System for DR / Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Studio Alavi DR Byen

The challenge was to visually link the five very different buildings together. We developed an advanced signage program that combined way-finding and identity.//read more//

Interactive Signage

Studio Alavi Interactive Signage

Interaction and participation is a trend. Everybody has something to say. This design allows passers-by to influence the look and the character of a sign using a mobile phone. The sign was displayed at Danish Design Center in May 2008.//read more//

Brand Identity for Teleclub

Studio Alavi Teleclub logo

Teleclub is the No. 1 broadcast provider in Switzerland. In order to establish a strong cross platform brand identity Teleclub wanted a powerfull identity program to link the mother - and sub brands. The brand program won the prestigeous Gold Promax Award in New York.//read more//

Brand Identity for "Politician for A Day" / The Danish Parliament

Studio Alavi Folketinget

Politics involves opinions, dialogues, debates, choices and decisions. Politics is not only experts. Politics is for every citizen, including primary school children. It is a precondition for the harmonious, dynamic development of Danish society that all Danish citizens take part in the democratic process. The design included logo, web design, campaign and CD cover.//read more//

Brand Identity and Onair Design for News

Studio Alavi TV Avisen logo

The complete rebranding design package for Danish Broadcasting Corporation's news department, DR Nyheder, lauched in 2004, moved the borders and set a new standard for the potential of design as a branding tool on television. The design won a silver Promax Award in New York for Best News Design in the World.//read more//

Brand Identity and Design for the campaign “A Healthier life for all”

Studio Alavi Ministry of Health

Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse (Ministry of Health) The Danish government set new national targets for the Danish population’s health. Everyone who wants to live a healthy life, should have equal opportunities for it. “Sundere liv for alle” / “A Healthier life for all” is the government’s bid for a new framework for an ambitious prevention policy. This is done through partnerships across public institutions, civil society and the private sector.

The Ministry of Health approached us to create a logo and logotype for the campaign “A Healthier life for all”. We designed a visual system focusing on the idea of ambassadors (celebrities) and an iconographic approach using a circle with many openings as a visualization of the many approaches to a better health and the health system. Our work consisted of logo and logotype, design manual and outdoor promotion materials.//read more//

Studio Alavi

  • Founded in 1997, Studio Alavi is a Copenhagen-based graphic design consultancy with focus on design, art direction & identity, we create innovative solutions for a multitude of applications, media and environments.
    2014 VIDEOGRAPHER AWARDS - USA - Award of Excellence in 'Corporate Image'
    2014 VIDEOGRAPHER AWARDS - USA - Award of Excellence in 'Company Overview'
    2014 SUMMIT CREATIVE AWARD - USA - Silver in 'Corporate Image'
    2014 Hermes Creative Awards - USA - Platin in 'Corporate Image'
    2014 Hermes Creative Awards - USA - Gold in 'Corporate Image'
    2014 Telly Award - USA - 'best film' awards in 'Corporate Image'
    2011 Telly Award - USA - 'best film' awards in 'Corporate Image'
    2011 Telly Award - USA - 'best film' awards in 'Public Relations'
    2009 Winner of 1st Place - Gold Camera - U.S. International Film & Video Festival - Corporate Films
    2009 Telly Award - USA - Global Networking - Corporate Films
    2007 Promax BDA World - New York - Gold Tele Club - Relaunch - Brand Identity
    2006 Promax BDA World - New York - Gold Novy Channel - Brand Identity
    2005 Promax BDA World - New York - Silver DR1 News - new brand identity
    2002 MCA Awards Craft Awards Best Grafik Senso Diva
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    Clients / Partial List
  • Advokatsamfundet, Blu, Danish Film Institute, Danish Ministry Of Health, Danmarks Design skole, DR / Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Delta, DSB, DTU / Technical University of Denmark, Egmont, Eksterbladet, Enter, Folketinget/ Danish Parliament, ISS, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Moderna, Novi Attorneys, Novy / Ukraine, Happy Channel / China, OAO, Promax BDA World, SBS TV, SCKK / The Centre for Development of Human Resources and Quality Management, SVK / Danish Art Workshops, Tele Club / Switzerland, Tryg, TV2 Denmark, TV2 Norge, TV3, Viasat, Viltoft Attorneys, Widex.
  • Masoud Alavi believes in design as a tool of communication. He is also a typographer, art director and identity strategist. He graduated with a Master of Science in Fine Arts from University Of Tehran in 1988 and received his Master of Visual Communication from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen in 1994. His speciality is brand design. Masoud Alavi remains strongly influenced by his native Persian sensibilities, but shaped by his European training and filtered through a Scandinavian mentality, his intriguing and authentic design work stands alone. The list of prestigious assignments on Masoud Alavi's resume is extensive, and he is a highly recognized designer through his work for amongst others The Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Masoud Alavi has received numerous international design awards.